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How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S?

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jailbreak iphone 4sNewly bought an iPhone 4S and wanna jailbreak iPhone 4S? Why so many people have needs of jailbreaking iPhone 4S? A jailbroken iPhone 4S can allow you to:

1. Install more software, including software sold in App Store.
2. Beautify your iPhone.
3. Fix some bugs of the iPhone.
4. Enhance the system functionality.

What tools you need to prepare so as to jailbreak iPhone 4S?

1. Network (such as WiFi)
2. VPN proxy account number and password (rydoor.com)
3. VPN Proxy (rydoor.com)

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S Step by Step?

limera1n is developed by George Hotz, the famous hacker in USA. This is a famous app which can jailbreak iPhone. Now let's see how to jailbreak iPhone 4S with limera1n step by step.

Step 1: Download limera1n jailbreaking app. Unzip it. Then link iPhone to computer. Run limera1n. Hold Home+Power buttons. Then release Power button. Release Home to wait for restarting. Installation done.

Step 2: Open limera1n on iPhone 4S. Download and install cydia. Click "Settings" > "Common" > "Network" > "VPN" on your iPhone. Add VPN Configuration. Select PPTP. Once VPN settings done, connect VPN. Run cydia and select User > Complete Upgrade > Reboot Device, then restart iPhone. Done!

Note for new users who want to jailbreak iPhone 4S:

If your iPhone is newly bought and you are not familiar with your iPhone, I don't recommend you unlocking iPhone 4S. You can authorize an Apple ID, then install some free apps on iTunes. But if you have been fed up with the apps which have been downloaded from iTunes, you can try other 3-rd party apps after you jailbreak iPhone 4S.

For iPhone 4S users, DVD and Video to iPhone Converter can help you convert DVD and all kinds of videos to iPhone 4S free.

More about iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S uses the same specifications of touch screen as iPhone4. iPhone 4S'sbuilt-in camera will be upgraded to 800 million pixels, and supports 1080p full HD video recording. And, as people expected in the past, this iPhone4S use 1GHz dual-core processor, which will bring more speed and smooth handling experience. With the release of iPhone 4S, the accessories of iPhone 4S has began to emerge. The famous digital products cover manufacture is beginning to produce about 3 million iPhone 4S protective covers.

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