Apple Donates $8 million to China for the Earthquake

Apple donated $8 million to China for the 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan Province and the company will provide the new Apple products to schools in some disaster areas. Now at the homepage of the official website in China, we can see the condolence from Apple.

On April 20, the earthquake in Sichuan Province destroyed countless houses and buildings, but what’s more painful, hundreds of people died and thousands of people were injured.

For victims in the earthquake, the donations can be very helpful. However, people just can’t help themselves to talk more, like why Apple does this. As we know, Apple is still recovering from a PR nightmare in China, where government-backed reports called the company out for unfair warranty practices.

The company is also inviting developers to localize their apps for more language markets, including for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

It’s natural that Apple wants to do something to have a better image in China. Now at the Chinese technology forums, people are all talking about this. And this is an interesting thing, which is Apple donates 50 million RMB and Samsung donates 60 million RMB.

Beyond the earthquake, the disaster, the victims, the death and the people who are suffering, I guess we just talk too many those things that make no sense. May those who have passed away rest in peace, and may the survivors stay strong.

Game Recommendation: War Strategy Game Victory at Sea for iOS

iEvilGames would love to release a new strategy game called Victory at Sea for iOS. However, it will take a long time for us to play this game. Before starting making this game, the developer needs to raise fund at Kickstarter, which sets for launch the 1st of May 2013.

Main features of Victory at Sea:

-Pick which side you fight on, Axis or Allies.
-Build a fleet from a vast selection of real World War 2 ships.
-Navigate your fleets around the Atlantic, Pacific and the Mediterranean theatres of war and engage in real time epic naval combat.
-All of your battles will be played over a long and detailed campaign.

To win a batter, a good commander is necessary. In the game, players will direct the fleets as commander to bash the enemies. Warships in different countries have different features, and every one of them is designed following the history.

Players will have access to a vast amount of historical vessels to help immerse in the epic struggle of global warfare. You can unlock historical battles such as the Battle of the River Plate, the Battle of Midway, and be called on to sink the Bismarck in the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

Like I said, this is a strategy game, so the operation will be very easy so players can spend more time on strategy.

Apple Removed AppGratis from App Store

If your app in App Store is to recommend free apps, new apps, discounted apps and limited-time free apps. Well, be ready, because Apple is pulling this kind of app from App Store. AppGratis is the first one that suffers the bad luck.

Apple last October amended its new Terms & Conditions with third-party developers by adding a clause saying that “apps that display apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected”.

This has previously hit apps like AppShopper, which was pulled from the App Store in December 2012, and hasn’t been seen since. Luckily, AppShopper has its own website, so does AppGratis.

Paris-based AppGratis has coincidentally raised $13.5 million. With 7 million users and the ability to lead to up to 500,000 downloads for a single app. Now existing users can still use the AppGratis app. Maybe a few UX changes or infrastructure changes will be enough to make the app reappear in the App Store.

Well, it seems like everyone should read Apple’s rules very carefully, and I bet most of us just ignore them. After the company really does something, developers only can know they mean it.

Easter Eggs Hidden in Apple Mac

Finding Easter eggs is very interesting. Well, for programmers, the fun of Easter egg finding is in the computer. Here let’s see the hidden Easter eggs in Mac computer.

Macintosh SE

If you get a 1987 Macintosh SE, then it’s time to find the eggs, which are four hidden photographs of the Mac SE development team. To see the photos, press the interrupt switch on the left side of the machine (if your Mac is equipped with one; it’s one half of a pair of developer buttons that snaps into place) to get into the Mac debugger program. Once in the debugger, type “G 41D89A.”

Macintosh IIci / IIfx

The popular Apple IIci also contains a secret photo of its development team hidden in ROM. To see the image, set your monitor to 8-bit color and set the system date to September 20th, 1989 (the IIci’s release date). Then restart the machine while holding down Command-Option-C-I. A color photo of the IIci development team will appear on the center of your screen with the inscription “Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-1989.”

Interestingly, a similar procedure will work on the Mac IIfx. This time, set the system date to March 19th, 1990 (the release date of the IIfx) and restart while holding down Command-Option-F-X. You’ll see the same developer team photo as the one displayed on the IIci.

Apple Fax Modem

Another audio Easter egg shipped in the very rare 1988 Apple Fax Modem (which is so rare that the author could only locate one fuzzy black and white photo of it). Owners of that modem could hear a digital recording of the modem’s three developers speaking their names (Peter, Alan, Neal) if they followed this formula:

While holding down the front panel button, switch on the modem. It will beep three times. After the beeps, press the button three times with the same timing/rhythm as the beeps. If you get the timing right, you’ll hear the names.

Apple IIgs

Open it, when you see the Apple symbol moving back and forth, press Control-Open Apple-Option-N. You’ll then hear a recording of the IIgs design term shouting “Apple II!” through the system’s speaker.

Macintosh Quadra 840AV

There are also two images stored inside the Mac Quadra 840AV’s ROM ups the excitement level by showing the 840AV development group relaxing on a beach with an inset photo of a dog. However, it’s not easy to find them, so just enjoy the pics.

OS X 10.8.3 Brings More 20 Minutes of Battery Life to rMBP

Apple released OS X 10.8.3 a few days ago after a long-time waiting. Now according to the test of MacObserver, the new version adds more 20 minutes of battery life to Retina Display MacBook Pro.

The new features of OS X 10.8.3 include redeeming iTunes gift cards via an iSight camera; addressing a couple of previous limitations in Boot Camp, so that it now supports Windows 8 and drives over 3TB in size; Safari 6.0.3; fixing for the File:/// URL bug that caused applications to crash and addressing the problem of stuttering audio on some 2011 Mac models etc.

Those are the features we already now. About the battery life, here is the report from MacObserver, “we saw a noticeable jump in battery life on the rMBP. Running time went from 398 minutes, which was roughly the same as the public release of 10.8.2, to 421 minutes, a change that persisted with the final build”.

However, this welfare is not available for non-Retina MBPs. Of course, for some users, the battery life of Mac is always not enough, what 20 minutes can do? Well, depending on what you do with your computer, sometimes, the extra time is life-saving.

First Steve Jobs Movie iSteve Comes on April 15

Funny or Die announced that its new spoof movie iSteve will meet the audiences on April 15, and the actor who plays Steve Jobs is Justin Long, who participated in the ad Get A Mac a long time ago.

The movie is about 60 to 75 minute. According to iSteve writer and director Ryan Perez, “In true Internet fashion, it’s not based on very thorough research — essentially a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page. It’s very silly. But it looks at his whole life.”

Funny or Die’s movie also stars James Urbaniak as Bill Gates, Michaela Watkins as Melinda Gates and Jorge Garcia as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Ryan Perez said “It may not the best Steve movie, but it’s the first Steve movie”.

The movie beats two other Steve Jobs films also set to hit the big screen. One is in early production by Sony has snooze master Aaron Sorkin penning the script and is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography; the other was scheduled to be released in April and stars Ashton Kutcher.

The 81-page script was written in about three days and the movie was shot in five. The parody will be available from the website Funny or Die, so you may want to enjoy the hilarious movie in the first time, keep your eyes at Funny or Die on April 15.

Apple Finally Releases OS X 10.8.3

After waiting for such a long time, Apple finally releases OS X 10.8.3. This new version is tested for more than three months. Before the official edition, Apple has released 13 beta versions. OS X 10.8.3 has many new features and lots of improvements.

Every time Apple released beta version, I guess most people just like “what, again”? Well, finally the good news here. Everyone now can enjoy OS X 10.8.3. So what are the new features?

Mac users can now redeem iTunes gift cards using an iSight camera. Actually, this features appeared in iTunes 11 last year for the first time.

The update addresses a couple of previous limitations in Boot Camp, so that it now supports Windows 8 and drives over 3TB in size. The update also includes Safari 6.0.3.

The update includes a fix for the File:/// URL bug that caused applications to crash, and some more application-specific bugs for programs like Logic that resulted in unresponsive behavior. Also addresses the problem of stuttering audio on some 2011 Mac models.

The company also releases Apple also released upgrade patches for users of OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

Apple suggests all OS X Mountain Lion users should update to 10.8.3. The new version can be found in Mac App Store or here:

American Airlines Chooses Samsung Tablet but not iPad

As we know, iPad is always the most popular Tablet in different businesses. But for American Airlines, Samsung Tablet is their favorite, not iPad.

iPad is used in police, bank, airline, school, medicine, fashion, economy and politics etc, but not every one thinks iPad is the only and best choice. American Airlines owns 33,000 tablets and that’s one of the largest corporate deployments, period. 23,000 of them are from Samsung, not Apple.

Why could this happen? It’s not because Samsung asks for the cooperation, which means the company doesn’t pay for the advertisement. The decision of chosing Samsung devices for select workgroups is made after months of testing different devices and gathering employee feedback, according to American Airlines.

Galaxy Notes has a very obvious difference from iPad and other Tablets, which is it can be used as a mobile phone. Yes, it’s not just a Tablet, but also a phone. I met most people have imagined that Apple would develop a device that combines the features of iPhone and iPad.

Of course, the choice of American Airlines doesn’t mean that other enterprises also will select Samsung Tablet but not iPad, so it’s a little bit to say that iPad is losing its occupancy in the market.

Apple Releases Refurbished 8-Core Mac Pro with 24% off

It has been a long time for Apple to update Mac Pro. This product can’t be mentioned in the same breath with iPad and iPhone, but it still has very high popularity in many professional areas.

Users keep sending letters to Apple to ask for updating Mac Pro, but no update until now. However, to attract users, Apple recently releases a batch of refurbished products with $850 off.

This computing machinery packs two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processors, 6GB (6 x 1GB) of 1066MHz DDR3 ECC memory, a 1TB Serial ATA hard drive spinning at 7200 rpm, an 18x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW), and ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics with 1GB GDDR5 memory.

Now, it is only priced $2649. Just like other refurbished devices of Apple, this one aims to attract American market. Moreover, the Mac Pro is no longer able to be sold in Europe because it is not compliant with Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950–1.

For users who would like to have a Mac Pro, now is the best chance. Saving $850 is a very good deal, do you think? Of course, you need to consider the updating issue considering the company hasn’t done that for a long time. Here is the product information at Apple online store.

Apple Abandoned Newton Trademark

For most young Apple diehards, Apple portable devices may only mean iPad, iPhone and iPod. Actually, Apple released one portable device twenty years ago and it was Newton which is one of the first palmtops. But now, Apple decides to give it up.

Apple didn’t develop Newton anymore, but the company still owns the related patents. Until this February, according to Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Apple has abandoned Newton Trademark on 12th, February officially. Now anyone can register that.

The release of Newton was pretty shocking, but the market demands of this device were very low because of the wrong decisions. In 1997 Apple’s then iCEO Steve Jobs abruptly dropped their PDA known as Newton as a cost cutting measure in an effort to save the company from Bankruptcy.

Well, seems like Steve Jobs has done the right thing, just see the success of the company right now. Even Newton had few demand in the market back then, it was still one of the amazing Apple products, so I guess it at least has the collection value.

If you are the real Apple fan and can afford the money, maybe you can collect a Newton when there is at eBay or anywhere else.