Kindle Fire shipments drop 84% sharply as Apple’s iPad 2 price cuts

The Kindle Fire shipments plunged 84%, the iPad 2 price cuts as the main cause

Things are changed every minutes, the Kindle Fire were once regarded as the first real threat to the iPad products, but now, the alarm seems to have been lifted. This product does not impact the first quarter of the Apple iPad sales. In fact, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer,) in the second quarter ended March conference call, said the new iPad “production and how many will be able to sell”.

According to data released by the foreign market research firm, due to the impact of price cuts by the Apple iPad 2, Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet PC shipments have been from the fourth quarter of last year, 480 million units dropped to the first quarter of this year, less than 75 million units, a drop of 84%, its market share plunged from 16.8 percent to 4 percent.

Industry analysts believe that the iPad 2 price cuts to eliminate the Kindle Fire in the introduction of the threat of the initial price, many users are more willing to spend $ 399 to buy a powerful iPad 2, rather than spend $ 199 to buy the hardware configuration of the low products.

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