OS X 10.9 Will Be Named Lynx

The names of Feline almost all used by Apple, like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. So what Apple will call OS X 10.9? Trust me, many people are guessing right now. The most convictive name right now is Lynx, according to AppleScoop.

AppleScoop said they have gained the information from an insider of Apple-OS X 10.9 will be called Lynx. This source claimed that he saw some internal papers that seem to be finalizing the name of the operating system.

Most people think it’s the most reliable name, because Apple already registered the trademark of this name a long time ago. Also, look at the picture, Lynx surely would make a great thematic release for a Mac OS X version that was focused on cloud or internet integration, and especially integrated wireless networking — look at those antennas!

What other possibilities? CultofMac said the name could be Space Lion. Well, it made me feel like I heard about the information of Angry Birds. By now, Space Lion is rejected by most people. And just for fun, the possible name could be Sabretooth, Cougar or Catwoman.

I just can’t keep thinking if all the names of Feline used by Apple, what the company will surprise us? How about you?

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