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Nintendo 3DS vs Apple iPad 2
- iPad 2 vs 3DS, Nintendo 3DS or Apple iPad 2

nintendo 3ds vs apple ipad 2 - comparison

Gadget fans could find themselves in a dilemma over where to spend their hard-earned money on March 25, with both Apple's iPad 2 and Nintendo's innovative 3D handheld games device released on the same day.

Apple and Nintendo wouldn't have been considered direct rivals until recently, but that's no longer the case - like the iPhone and the iPod touch, Apple has been talking up the iPad as a portable games device to take on the traditional gaming giants of Nintendo and Sony.

Two of the key features of the iPad 2 are an improved processor that make its graphics nine times faster, and a gyroscope that allows it to be controlled by tilting it - something that could see it become an even more impressive gaming platform.

Meanwhile the 3DS - the successor to the mega-selling Nintendo DS - offers 3D gaming without the need for special glasses, and Nintendo sound bullish in their expectations for the device.

Nintendo 3DS vs Apple iPad 2: iPad 2

* Graphics – lovely big screen (the glare is annoying), graphics are not supper high def, but they do the trick, I don't think there will be a major upgrade for the Ipad 2 with the GFX.
* Style – its a big iPhone, but the iPhone was stylish so is the ipad, and so will the iPad 2
Portability – Of course the iPad is portable, but not exactly something you can put in your jacket pocket
* Games – great huge selection of casual games, but its not a hard core gamers machine, its more a mothers or girlfriends gaming device (lets be honest).
* Battery life – Outstanding 10 hours, its basically a big battery with a screen.
* Price – The iPad 2 starts at $499 and the most expensive model is $829.
* Controls – fine controls for playing cards, or bejeweled, casual gaming, other then that it has no proper gaming controls, not good enough.

Nintendo 3DS vs Apple iPad 2: 3DS

* Graphics - looking very nice, I'm not sold on the 3D but at least you don't need glasses, wearing 3D glasses is stupid, and a fad, but not close to PSP2 level of graphics.
* Style – well Nintendo don't really make cool looking mobile gaming systems, I mean the Game boy and original NDS were no lookers, they're just not that cool, except for the touch screen which was a good idea.
* Portability - Very portable, fits in the pocket, and good battery life.
* Games – Amazing game release schedule next year, Resident evil, Mario, all the big names, Layton, and on and on, the clear winner in games section, for casual and hard core, and 3D meh.
* Battery life - excellent battery life on all versions of the DS, no reason to suppose the 3DS will be any different.
* Price - could be expensive, but not likely to be as expensive then the PSP2, but more expensive then the iPhone.
* Controls – Excellent controls, and touch screen, but can we drop the stylus?

So who wins? Nintendo 3DS or Apple iPad 2?

It depends on how you measure it, in sales the iPad 2 will be the biggest selling gaming platform in 2011, 3DS will sell very well and be the non casual (and casual) pure gaming alternative.

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