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How to Load Kindle Books on iPad?- Buy Kindle Books for iPad, Archive Kindle Books on iPad

load kindle books on ipadKindle is an e-book reader marketed by Amazon that offers a free application for your iPad from Apple's App Store. After installing the Kindle application on your iPad, you can load Kindle books on iPad from your Kindle account to the iPad's Kindle bookcase.

The tutorial below shows you how to load Kindle books on iPad step by step. Follow the steps to archive Kindle books on iPad easily.

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Tutorial: How to Load Kindle Books on iPad Step by Step?

Step 1: Start by downloading the Kindle app on your iPad. You'll then need to register the iPad with Kindle, which is a very simple process where you provide your Amazon ID and password.

Step 2: Once you've registered the device touch the "Showing" link at the bottom of the iPad app screen. You'll see a choice of either "Home" or "Archived Items". Choose "Archived Items" and you'll see a list of all the Kindle editions you've bought.

Step 3: Then you simply touch one cover after another and Amazon will load Kindle books on iPad. You'll probably discover the iPad-loading process is faster than the original Kindle download process, especially if you're using wifi on your iPad (which is faster than Amazon's Whispernet service for your Kindle).

Step 4: Once you've selected all the books you want, touch the "Showing" link at the bottom of the iPad app screen again but this time select "Home". The screen should now show all those Kindle books you downloaded and you should find each opens right to the page you left off on them with your Kindle.

Done! With the tutorial's help, you can easily load Kindle books on iPad, Good Luck!

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