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How to Restore iPad?

If you have taken a backup for your iPad with iTunes and you want to restore your iPad from that backup, how can you do that? Here is how to restore your iPad from the backup you have in iTunes. Just follow the simple steps below to do it.

Note: If you want to transfer your iPad to computer for backup, here is the iPad to Computer Transfer for you.

Guide: How to Restore iPad

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of iTunes and then connect your iPad to your computer.

Step 2: Under iTunes Device option, select your iPad >> Select "Summary" tab >> Select "'Restore" option.

Step 3: It will prompt you to make a back up copy of your settings before restoring, select the "Back Up" option.

Note: If you have just backed up the device, just skip this step.

How to Restore an iPad

Step 4: Select the "Restore" option when iTunes prompts you and wait for sometime.

Steps on How to Restore iPad

Once the restore process has completed, iPad will reboot and will display a message like below:

Your iPad has been successfully restored…

Note: If you want to restore from a previous backup, follow the above steps and click "restore from Backup".

That's all! Now you will have your iPad restored with your backup data.

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