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Streaming Music Recorder

recording streaming musicIf you like listening to Internet radio stations, or regularly visit websites that stream audio or music, you may want to record what you hear for later use. With the Streaming Music Recorder software, you can record from thousands of audio sources on the Internet and quickly build up a collection of digital music that is legal.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use software which can help you record, save or edit your favorite songs, radio broadcasts and anything else streaming online. Wanna enjoy your favorite songs, broadcasts and other streaming music or audio in their original quality anywhere, anytime on portable devices freely? Get this Streaming Music Recorder right now!

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NOTE:For Mac users, please click Streaming Music Recorder for Mac.

Streaming Music Recorder Key Functions

  • Record Streaming Music
    This streaming music recorder can record music from over 500 radio stations and online music sites, including many famous streaming music sites as below: GUBA, NPC, MySpace, archive.org, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio, RTVE, Sirius Radio, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, AOL Music, Pandora, etc.
  • Easy to use
    The streaming music recorder is very simple to use. Even a novice can use it easily like this: Open Internet browser such as IE, FireFox, Maxthon, Safari, and so on. Find the streaming music which you wanna record. Hit record in the streaming music recorder without leaving the page. Click play in the Internet browser. Then the Streaming Music Recorder will record the music which is playing. Just several clicks, you can record streaming music easily!
  • Ringtones Maker
    Create a custom ringtone from your favorite song with this Streaming Music Recorder. Then use the new ringtone on your mobile phones such as iPhone, Android, etc!
  • Personalize your recordings
    After recording, split audio files manually to zero in on your favorite parts, create chapters, or just play around. Get the details of each recording like artist, album and genre automatically. Edit the tags yourself or send it all directly to iTunes.

Streaming Music Recorder ScreenShot

record streaming music

User Testimonials of Streaming Music Recorder

user 1
"I've used your product several times now and do enjoy it. I like the ease of use of this software. Tool bars, buttons and menus are clearly, labeled and self explanatory. It is seems developed for beginners like me."
"This tool is affordable for me! And it is worth buying, because now I can enjoy my favorite streaming songs with my portable players!"

Get Ready to Try or Buy?

Don't depend on some café's Wi-Fi to keep up with your favorite music. Let Streaming Music Recorder record your favorite music!

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